Now, for the electrical…

I cobbled the wiring back together (it’s not really that bad-all joints are soldered, it’s just ugly) for a quick ride today.

Ugly wiring hack job


I changed the air filter, readjusted the carburetor, and positively FLOGGED the bike around the block twice today-lots of full throttle, lots of off throttle, and a nice cool down afterwards.  I’ll do it a couple more times and call the run in complete.

I’ve also found the kill switch I was looking for-it’s a Magura style switch, just like what came with the bike. The Achilles heel of this switch is that the rubber self destructs after a couple years. So I bought 2.

New kill switch

If anyone knows where to purchase these brake switches, I’d appreciate knowing about it.

The project over the weekend is to install a Blue Sea Systems power post, install the wires to it, and rewire the bike’s electrical distribution. The new engine came with a “floating ground” magneto with two wires:

Details, details...

So I’ll need to ground the black wire and connect the blue one to the voltage regulator and the lighting. Since I’m always tinkering, the temptation is to install a rectifier and battery so I can have a proper horn and the ability to charge other stuff, but this is a rokon-no need for overkill. Nevertheless, upgrading the stock system won’t hurt.