I got a bit of a late start yesterday, but left work by 10:30 and got to the unit. Things went pretty fast once I was able to move the first set of shelves, and it was handy to have another clear place to put things. I threw away a lot of stuff, mostly old lumber and pieces of cardboard I’d been hoarding for…something, whatever that is. At the end the landlord and and two of his laborers helped me, and it was something like thirty minutes after that that I was moved. They helped with the heavy things, and I was finished. Today I stopped down to hang up tire chains, hoses, etc., and to neaten up the area. There’s still some work to do, but I’m nearly finished with the hard stuff-nothing I can’t put off until I’m rested. I’ll go to work tomorrow morning, hoping for no snow. The good news is that January is nearly half over, and spring is just around the corner.