Kit Perez hits it out of the park

I don’t know about you; I cannot speak for you. But this is what I know:

  1. I do not need or want a king—“liberty minded” or otherwise, and I will not be part of a group of people that wants one.
  2. I do not need a leader to tell me how to live according to principles and self-discipline.
  3. I will not be party to violations of those principles, whether on a macro or micro basis; I will not affiliate with those who violate them.
  4. I will make a difference in my own neighborhood, my own community. I do not need a label or group affiliation to do so.
  5. I will continue to think for myself, to collect facts and make decisions based on those facts instead of my emotions

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Within the post linked above, you’ll find links to Sparks31’s comments. It would pay to read them all.

h/t to Western Rifle Shooters. If his blog isn’t on your daily read list, you’re missing out.