It’s the big one, ‘Lisbeth…

Sunday, 21 May 2017, I had a heart attack. It was mild, but it “got me in the door” of the hospital.

My surgery was the following Friday, and I returned home the following Wednesday afternoon.

I’m incredibly weak, and on narcotics for the pain ( incisions). It’s difficult to get out of bed, and I have a low appetite. I’m eating, I just don’t care to. Coughing is the worst part-it has to be done, but it’s very painful.

If you have chest pain, call 911. It may save your life.


2 thoughts on “It’s the big one, ‘Lisbeth…

  1. I hope for the best for you! ANY heart attack you survive is a wake-up call! May any “discomforts” you’re feeling now be short-lived, and may you return to as normal a life as before.

    John in Alaska

    • Thanks, John.
      Recovery is going very well, and my doctor is pretty pleased. The hardest thing right now is that I’m not allowed to lift anything over 5 pounds, which makes it tough to keep busy. No driving for another six weeks, either. But I’ll manage.
      I’ll be using the time to study for the extra element test, and time permitting, I’ll try to get started learning code.
      Thanks again for the kind words.

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