Camping season is almost here!

I’ve been busy with truck chores-gathering the parts, and doing the work. In early April I installed new brake shoes, wheel cylinders, drums, and brake lines on the old Ford. I had to buy the whole set of brake lines to get the rear axle lines, grumble grumble…but it’s all new again. I also installed new brake adjusters on both sides as well, as I wasn’t happy with the adjuster wheels on either side.

I also bought another radio from a buddy-it’s a Yaesu 897D, and it’s in excellent shape. I was considering parting with my 857D, but I’ve decided to keep it and install it in the Nissan. Before I do, I’ve had to repair the open 3A fuse that powers the CAT plug, and here’s how I did it:

Th th th that’s all there is to it, folks.

Here’s a repair done to the 897-there’s LOTS more room for a fuse holder in one of those.