Building a Nation of riflemen

I take this day each year to post about the Appleseed Project. I attended my first weekend event in June 2013, and at the end of day two my score had risen from 174 to 194.

My second event was over Labor Day weekend of the same year. My final score was 209.

Finally, at the June 2014 event, I scored 211. I’m not a cook any more.

Yours Truly

Yes, that’s a sh*t eating grin.

The principles taught at an Appleseed event translate to skills that will make you a better shooter.  Interspersed throughout the class are short intermissions, and the instructors teach about the events of 19 April, 1775, and it’s not the boring history from your seventh grade history class. It’s full of people’s stories, what happened when, how, and why. If you only go for the history, it’s well worth the price.

There almost certainly an Appleseed event within driving distance of your home. I urge you to sign up for an event and take your family.