As promised, a review

Of the Revolutions podcast by Mike Duncan.

I’ve finished the Revolutions podcast for the British Revolution, the American Revolution, and now I’m working through the French Revolution.

All three have been excellent, so far. Mike Duncan does an excellent job of bringing the history to life, and listening to the podcasts has been very useful to me.

A couple extra comments:

The ride of Paul Revere is accurately depicted-none of the fiction taught in schools, and all of the truth taught in your local Appleseed Event. It’s well worth the time. Both of them.

Mike Duncan goes to a lot of trouble to complain about slavery in the New world, but says little or nothing about the slavery that occurred in the Roman Empire, British Empire, or France in the 1700s. It’s almost as if he’s ashamed of American, and not other, history. I think he could do better.

Nevertheless, an excellent podcast, well worth you time.