Head LAMP, not headlight…

Wrong term, sorry. If you were expecting a missive on something made by Sylvania, move along please.

I bought one of these- http://www.amazon.com/Petzl-Myo-RXP-Headlamp/dp/B00BMTH1T6 last summer.  It has a little diffuser over the lens:


That (that’s right!) diffuses the light coming out of the lamp. It makes a marked difference in the intensity of the beam, and provides a bit of protection for the lens while you’re working.

On the top, it has two switches:


The smaller one serves as an interrupted beam, it turns on the light when you just need light for a short time. The larger switch has four positions, three constant light position and an SOS beacon-pretty clever.

Batteries are easy to change, and are held in place by a soft plastic cover:


It’s very nice, and I’m glad I bought it.


Lots and different amounts of light.

The SOS thingie is cool, but I hope it’s never useful.

Not made in China-made in another socialist country called France.



The thumb switches are nearly useless while wearing gloves

Sorry about the lack of photos-I can’t seem to figure out how to get the links to work right.

More cutting…

Last Sunday I got busy and trimmed a bunch more limbs at the property line and took the stump down closer to ground level. The branches and stump are still laying in the back yard, because sloth. And it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, so it might be there a while.

Today I helped the Landlord install a new garage door opener at his house. It was pretty easy, and we had it up and in in a couple hours. When we hit the button, however, it would only move the door about 12″. So, I read the instructions, and lo and behold, found out that one must set the closed and opened limits. Who knew?

I miss the good old days when a guy could just figure it out…

I’m going to post a review on a headlight I bought over a year ago, probably tomorrow, as well as an update on the Revolutions podcast.

See you then.

Overreaction in Casper

Seems we had a scary event at our local college: http://trib.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/updated-gun-snapchat-prompts-lockdown-at-casper-college/article_503f9403-0f07-5cb4-9c60-ab4bae258ec0.html

A photo of a gun shared by a Casper College student with another student on the social media platform Snapchat prompted a brief lockdown of the college Friday afternoon.

Some evildoer sent a picture of a firearm to someone else on Facebook, and the receiving party had a fit. As a precaution, A local Junior high school was locked down as well.

Come on folks. We’re in Wyoming. We aren’t SUPPOSED to have fainting couches here. But by the looks of things people have still mastered the art of jamming their heads up their asses. But I suppose that’s what colleges are for.

Podcast review-History of Rome

I’ve finished with a (long) podcast by Mike Duncan. You can get it on iTunes or at http://thehistoryofrome.typepad.com/.

I recommend it heartily. It took quite a while to complete- I began in early summer 2014, and finished in November of the same year. It’s quite daunting to get through, but worth the effort. Many of the folks we learned about in school are brought to life, and I gained a better understanding of what life and rule in Rome was like. If you find yourself with plenty of time during lunch, or a commute, or just doing dishes, you might enjoy this podcast. I loved it.

I’ve begun to listen to Duncan’s next series of podcasts, called Revolutions, available here:


I’ll be sharing my thoughts on them shortly. Stay tuned.

Got it out, just in time…

I took the first load of branches to the landfill just before 11 Saturday, and with help from a buddy, took 2 more loads by 1:00. Now there’s just a small pile of sticks next to the stump. I also took down the two birdhouses that were attached to the garage-they were providing shelter for the sparrows that crap all over the ground next to the garage. I won’t miss the crap, or the incessant fighting of the birds in the yard.

I’ve got to do more whittling on the stumps on the place- to in the front yard, five in the back. I hated to cut down all the bushes and trees, but they hadn’t been cared for in years, had diseases, and had to go. Soon I’ll start on the branches that hang over the fence from the neighbor’s yard. I’ll get the stumps cut to ground level, and call a stump grinding outfit for a quote. Let’s see how hungry they are (or aren’t, as the case may be).

Las night it snowed, and today it’s been pretty chilly. Glad I got it (mostly) all done.