Memorial Day Weekend

Not much to report. I spent Friday night on Beaver Rim:

Beaver Rim campspot.

It was a beautiful night. Naturally, I was alone because the Fifth Wheel Tribe can’t get their rigs in.

I used my little Yaesu FT-60R to call a friend in Riverton (26 miles SW of Beaver Rim) and was able to get him through the GMRS repeater, and via simplex, although he was unable to contact me via simplex.

Saturday morning I had breakfast with some friends, attended the Memorial Day Weekend gun show put on by the Wyoming Weapons Collectors, and headed towards Worland, and to the Blue Bank Road. I drove south, took a side trip to Castle Gardens (the one close to Tensleep), took another side trip to Cedar Ridge to scout out a campsite (fail), and turned off on the Nowater Trail.


Took Mud Creek Road to Black Mountain Road


and drove to (nearly) the top of Black Mountain.

Black Mountain is just a bit over 6,00 feet in elevation, but what a view!

It looks like you can see a hundred miles in any direction. I apologize for not taking photos, but I was hoping not to get harassed by an oilfield worker, and left in a rush.

I drove home via Lysite road and Waltman, arriving in Casper pretty late.

Where have I been?

A couple folks have asked why I haven’t updated the blog.

Short answer is lack of interest and sloth – I won’t bother offering any false reasons.

So here’s a little update.

First, the Buick. In March 2010 bought a 1998 LeSabre from a guy the next town over, with a seized engine but in otherwise good condition. Bought a JY engine with 92K on it from Wade at Low Mileage Engines, but had little time or motivation to deal with it due to Covid restrictions and workload. By July I had the “new” engine resealed with all new gaskets and seals, except the head gaskets. I removed the old engine…

Engine bay is empty

New engine in and running around 30 August 2010…


And it runs pretty well.

It’s been a really great car – great fuel mileage, starts good in bitter cold weather, and it’s really comfortable.

Today I installed power wire for my amateur radio equipment.

It looks like I’ll need a new engine in the Ford F-150. More on that soon.

War Is A Racket

I’m going to post this after Memorial Day each year to remind myself and any who will listen that sending men and women (who have served honorably!) to war is often the wrong thing to do.

Enjoy, if you can.

It’s Memorial Day

I’ll continue to post this until the owner of the blog asks me to stop, Or I die.

I’m increasingly black pilled about war, but the men and women who sacrifice have my respect.

I’d tell you to enjoy, but it’s hard to enjoy this subject.

And while you’re wiping the dust from your eyes, thank the blog’s owner for knowing what to say and how to say it.