New domain name, same old fat guy…

It’s been a long couple days. We’ve had the worst snow I can remember in 13 or so years. There were very large drifts at work, and everyone but essential employees were sent home.I’m evidently essential, grumble. I’m thankful to have had some help moving the big piles, and for having been sent home early after the property was cleared. I spent the afternoon with a buddy, and we drove to a couple sporting goods stores. Having earned a little money looking after a friend’s house, I decided to spend it on a pair of Kamik Greenbay 4’s. They’re pretty easy to put on, they fit over my fat calves (from years of riding bicycles). Not too expensive and they are built (why not made?) in the USA. They are very warm, and I’m hoping they’ll wear better than the Sorel Timberwolves that I bought five years ago.

I’ve also picked up an ice fishing shelter and a sled. I’ll do a write up soon, most likey this weekend.

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