Nearly done

The clutch nut arrived Wednesday night, and I installed it on Thursday after work.

It's ALIVE...


The Exhaust studsĀ  and kill switch arrived on Thursday night, and I installed the exhaust system, kill switch, and clutch guard after work Friday. When I got home, the fuel tubing was in the mailbox so on Saturday evening I installed it, fueled the bike, and started it. It took quite a lot of pulls to get the engine started, as the carburetor was bone dry, and I hadn’t thought to prime the engine. Well, sometimes I’m brilliant…

It fired up, and ran pretty high, so I adjusted the idle screw and idle needle, and rode it around the parking lot, shut it off to let it cool, took it for another short ride, and let it cool again.

Sunday I took it for a longer ride (after flooding the hell out of it) and did the same thing today at lunch. This afternoon after work I retorqued the clutch nut and staked the retaining washer. I’ve mixed a gallon of fuel with 88 octane and Amzoil Dominator at 24:1 for break in. I intend to run it around the block at work until the fuel gets low, then refuel it and lean out the high speed needle for best performance.

Now I’ve got to reconnect the electrical system.

Details, details...

It ought to be easy enough, although I’d like to upgrade the wiring from molex connectors to Weatherpack connectors. But that’s a project for later.


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