Moving day…

But not for the house, thankfully. I’m moving my shop/storage to a more convenient location in the same block of units I’m in now. Seems that an old car club wants a block of four, and to accommodate them, the owner has offered to help move me to a different unit on the west side of the structure- less snow, new door, way better trailer-backing access.

He’s also going to extend the walls up to the roof today to keep prying eyes out. The units I’m in are tin covered red iron with 2 by 4 interior walls, and the walls are just short of the roof, so you can look at your neighbor’s stuff from a ladder, and vice versa.And when someone leaves a door up, wind and dust blow through unimpeded. The new door and the walls will help keep some of the dirt out, I hope..

It’s been pretty slow at Wyowanderer Mansion, although I finally purchased a brand new ice auger, so drilling holes in the ice for ice fishing (yes, people really do that- it’s the only kind of fishing that keeps the beer cold) will be a bit easier. I might use the Mora hand auger as a loaner now. You don’t think I’d loan out the new gas auger, do you?

I’ve also ordered a new engine for the Rokon from U.S. Motor Power for the Rokon. It’s a 82043 with lighting coil, and according to Chris at U.S.M.P. it’s improved from the one in my bike with a square port, bigger carburetor elbow, and bigger carburetor. My old 82043 is pretty tired, and I’ve decided to rebuild it and put it in storage for the day that I’m ready to “restore” the bike. In my mind, it’s a bit like restoring an old piece of farm equipment-it’s a perfectly fine thing to do, but restoring a working implement that will be worked hard isn’t for me, at least right now. I’ll be hard pressed to clean the frame of the bike thoroughly when I install the new mill…



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