More cutting…

Last Sunday I got busy and trimmed a bunch more limbs at the property line and took the stump down closer to ground level. The branches and stump are still laying in the back yard, because sloth. And it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, so it might be there a while.

Today I helped the Landlord install a new garage door opener at his house. It was pretty easy, and we had it up and in in a couple hours. When we hit the button, however, it would only move the door about 12″. So, I read the instructions, and lo and behold, found out that one must set the closed and opened limits. Who knew?

I miss the good old days when a guy could just figure it out…

I’m going to post a review on a headlight I bought over a year ago, probably tomorrow, as well as an update on the Revolutions podcast.

See you then.

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